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Entry for all   
09:52pm 09/05/2004
  Not alot has been going on lately, cept for the Fall Ball of course. I was sitting in the Common Room for a while after the dance started. I saw Hermione come in and look around for a moment, untill she left again. I am assuming that she was looking for me for some reason but i saw it fit not to say anything. After a few minutes I desided to rinfally go down to the dance...and well...had a pretty good time.

PrivateCollapse )

Mum finally sent Ginny and I an Owl...Good thing too...I was worrying a bit much.

I have double potions tomorrow...goodnight then.

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Private Entry to Anyone but Gryffindors   
12:56pm 03/05/2004
  I cant believe this happened. Diagon Alley was attacked yesturday. I never thought that it all would be happening so soon...I would have hoped someone would have found him or something. It just doesnt make sence. There wasnt any details in the Daily Prophet...they probably still dont know how many died. I read that Penelope and Percy were in Diagon Alley yesturday...she lost the baby. I was really excited too...I know Percy and I dont get along...but still. Mum, Dad, and Bill were there also. Though none of them were as bad as Penelope. Do they even care? I mean NONE of them even bothered to SEND Ron or GINNY an Owl!? No they didnt...WE had to hear from Dumbldore that almost HALF our family was there being tourtured by Death Eaters! Ill...Be back Im going somewhere were I can be alone. bye.

Im worried about Harry...I know I shouldnt be but after everything thats happening. Safe at Hogwarts...Safe at Hogwarts. But then...Who was that Man?
End Private

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Private to everyone but Hermione, Harry, and Lavender   
04:09pm 29/04/2004
mood: confused
...Im going to be an uncle. Me? An uncle...bloody hell. Percy...a Dad? He is such a git...which makes a Mini Percy? Right?

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02:30pm 27/04/2004
  Im willing to admit the fact that ive sorta been avoiding Lavender. I feel like a fool for what happened and Im worried to talk to her. Its been to long and I miss her so Im, well I cant go up to her dormitory. We all know what happened last time I tried to do that. I guess I will send her an owl then. If you read this Lavender, Just know Im sorry.

Homework has been in full workloads lately. I mean, I know N.E.W.Ts are important but, like Harry said,"Do teachers know we have OTHER classes too?" Are first Quidditch match is coming up real soon! Just a week or so after Halloween. I cant wait for the feast, I heard rumor about a Ball of some sort. Im not sure. I really dont know if I can wait for quidditch, practices have been alright. WEve had a few. Ginnys pretty good at chaser. Im not doing to good. It takes a while for me to work into it.

Private for DA Members Only
The first meeting is coming up, Hermione, Harry and I wrote a letter for everyone and Im going to send it out to everyone. SO be ready for some DADA classes.
End Private

I wrote this during lunch. IM eating in the common Room, writting this, and trying to finish up my essay for History of Magic. Better get going, or else Ill be late. GoodDay

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10:34pm 20/04/2004
mood: annoyed
Dads classes have been alright so far. Surprisingly, he hasnt emberassed us yet...And I do say YET. My prat for a brother has finally gotten himself a computer thingy. Great...What fun. Now I can listen to him bash my friends again! Homeworks been a heavy load the past couple weeks, hopefully this weeks will get better. I had to Patroll the Hallways last night with Filch, which was NOT fun at all. He kept talking about how much better the school was when Umbridge was working here. Ruddy Filch, Im sure it was alot better with all the decrees popping up left and right. Supose it was alright having Umbridge here for the ONE day Fred and George made there leave. Otherwise, I saw NO good out of that ruddy woman. Im a bit annoyed at the moment. Basically to sum things up I dont want to go sit in the common room and finish my History of Magic essay. Id rather type in this bloody journal. I guess I have no choice...Hermione is glancing over here every now and then giving me looks. Good-Day!

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10:25am 15/04/2004
mood: stressed
After writting about 20 differnt ways to start this journal entry ive concluded that its impossible. Last night was odd for about a hundered reasons. First, I cant really talk about it publicly. Second...I cant talk about that publicly either. So Im just going to leave you all now with...BE SAFE?

Last night Hermione and I took care of the Prefect duties together. We were arguing over something when we saw a man Hooded with a cloak in the hallways. We followed him and he fled down to the one eyed witch. How did he know about that? He attacked Hermione and I had to carry her back to the hospital wing because I didnt know how to revive her. Now we are supposed to have a meeting with Dumbledore to tell him exactly what happened.

Lavender and I went a bit farther last night. I dont really know what to say about the whole thing but that it was bloody brilliant. Is that the word I should used? Mind you, it was wicked, but ever so odd at the same time.
End Private

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Back at Hogwarts   
02:45am 13/04/2004
mood: amused
It was rather quite different back at the Burrow. I guess I should have half expected it to turn out the way it did. It was somewhat like staying where I stayed two summers ago. Only because mum was so worried, so that meant cleaning. I dont think ive ever scrubbed like I scrubbed the past three days. No matter though, Bills okay and he will be fine in no time. Fred and George on the other hand are bloody ignorant. They have gone to hunt down the Death eaters that attacked Bill. Have they gone MAD? If mum and dad dont kill them...Lets just hope mum and dad are able to kill them. Being back means I have to do loads of Make-up work, prefect duties, classes, and Snape. That being said looking on the down side of course. The up side of things would be seeing Harry and Hermione, Seeing Lavender of course, seeing friends, and Hogsmeade...I guess. We cant forget about the DA either Ginnys crazy, I was barely on that ruddy computer. The bloody thing shut down or something almost every five minutes. It was very rainy, so I didnt get much practice in. Also because i was busy srubbing dressers and tables, and cleaning out cabinets and such. Ginny got off easy, she didnt have to lift anything. Charlie didnt stay much, he left early to go back to Romania. Misses those dragons, though I cant see why. Quidditch practices are on Friday, Ginny said she was trying out for Chaser. That would be alright we did fine together last year. Well, I have to go do my prefect duties real quick, I wonder if Hermione and I can go together so we can talk?


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03:08am 08/04/2004
mood: worried
My brother was attacked by Death Eaters, apparently. Charlie and my dad arent letting me OR Ginny know about what happened exactly. 52 bones in his body were broken in order to get something out of him. Dad thinks that me and ginny are possibly in danger if we know anything. Can you believe that?! I cant really the whole things horrible.

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12:19am 06/04/2004
  ...Bill is in the Hospital. He was attacked. Im leaving for Mungos with Tonks, Professor Vance, and Ginny. I will update later.  

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One Long Day After Another...   
05:46am 03/04/2004
mood: bored
Lavender is in the Hospital wing and has been for a few days. I desided to go visit her, and well I wanted to make her happy. Ive been in that hospital wing many times before, and I know how boring it could be. So I went and asked Neville if he could help me out. I picked her out some really nice flowers. That Neville, He really has himself out for that Herbology stuff. Plants and other things. She was surprised to see me and she loved the flowers.

PrivateCollapse )

So, Im going to Owl Charlie Later on. Perhaps go in early to go see Lavender. Im sure shes out already.

I really want to go down to Hagrids. Its been forever. Harry, Hermione and I are also supposed to go into the Room of Requirments soon. Bill and I also had a talk. We have come to terms, you could call it. He apologized to me and I returned it. Charlies also a bit worried. Bill seems to not be responding to him. Hes off with Fluer...You know what there doing!

Well, Im off! See you later on!

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That Little Red Envelope   
12:15am 30/03/2004
mood: pissed off
Today, quite possibly could have been the worst day of my life. Not only does Bill want to kill me, but Fred and George are mad at me too. If you haddent noticed, im the youngest of 6 Weasley boys. Percys...a git and not around. Charlie, the only one NOT mad at me is in Romania! Which brings us to Fred, George and Bill...Who love to pick on there YOUNGER brother. Bloody hell. I havent seen Ginny all day, Which is just GREAT. I get a howler from mum, but Ginny, She likes to pinch, and hit...hurt me. Oh yes, I got another Howler this morning, in the Great Hall. Mum of course. She made it loud too. The entire Great Hall was filled with my Mum screaming at me about starting a fight with Bill. I dont think my face could have gotten and redder. All Harry could say was,"Dont worry about it" and Hermione seemed to think I somewhat diserved it, so she didnt say anything. I just hope Quidditch doesnt add to the fact that Harry, Hermione, and I never get to talk. Next Hogsmeade trip has to be the three of us, if its not Im gonna end up in Mungos.

Private to Hermione and HarryCollapse )

On top of all that I had detention from Professor McGonagall and Headmaster. They assigned me with Professor Deluna. It wasnt that bad at all actually. I was there for about 2 hours. I had heard that Blaise had to clean up the Manticores barf...I had to read it poetry for two hours. I guess I got lucky. She really doesnt like Bill or Charlie...I dont know whats going on with that one. Compared to all the other detentions ive had...this one was like watching quidditch.

Im off to bed. I didnt see Lavender today at all. Shame really, I hope it wasnt because the Howler...Knowing my luck--Forget it. Goodnight

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Irrational Ron...   
03:36am 29/03/2004
  Today was supposed to be a good day. Finally a Hogsmeade trip where I can just relax with my two best friends, and girlfriend. We went to Hogsmeade to buy Lavender her cat. Which she did, three legged mind you, but a good cat. We went to the Three Broomsticks to wait for Hermione and Harry. Bill showed up. Bloody Hell. We got into a fight, he was trying to show off, AGAIN. I...attacked him and we got thrown out of the Three Broomsticks. He had lost his wand, so I hexed him. Then I left.

I went to my spot. I was so angry and worried. I sat there an cried...bloody hell. Im 16!
End Private

I flew to my spot to be alone for a bit. When Lavender showed up. She came to me and made me fell loads better.

I kissed her tonight, and it felt different. Loads different...I dont understand.
End Private

Private to Harry and HermioneCollapse )</>

Bill...I cant even say what I have to say to you right now. But if Dad wont let me play Quidditch, or any of that. I swear...

Im going to bed. We have class tomorrow and its late. PLEASE MERLIN DONT LET ME BE IN TOO MUCH TROUBLE!!!

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Please, Hex me now...   
05:18am 26/03/2004
mood: worried
My life is officially ruined. Dad, working at my school. Bloody hell! Its bad enough with Charlie and Bill having computers so that mum'll find out everything. Now dads gonna be working at the school and I will be, well perfect. Ill have to be.

Private to Hermione and HarryCollapse )

Im going to see Lavender tomorrow, maybe that will cheer me up. Im just so bloody confused, and mad.

PrivateCollapse )

Keep in mind, Quidditch is starting up next week! Bloody hell am I excited about that! Ah, I must be going quickly! Im writting before potions, and I need to get there early to get everything set up. goodbye!

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On Top of the Hill   
02:31am 23/03/2004
mood: enthralled

Looks like my two oldest brothers Bill and Charlie have gotten journals too. Great, If I do ONE thing wrong mum'll know for sure.

Today was exciting. Me and Harry went to the quidditch pitch today and practiced a few moves! It was fun, he even scored on me ONCE, The second one didnt count! I was thinking about...erm...something else.


I took Lavender to my spot today. No one knows about it and we were in the common room talking so I desided to show her. She loved it. The sun was setting and it was perfect! I kissed her again, well...She kissed me this time. I definatly kissed her back make no mistake.

End Private

Ginny drove me mad today! She comes up to me in the hallway after Transfiguration and says,"Ron, Hermiones upset." And she just stood there. So I asked,"About...?" And of course, I should have know. She says to me,"I dont know, she just is...got to go. Bye!" My sister is bloody annoying when she does that! So how am I supposed to know whats wrong. I talked about it with Harry and we both desided that she is working to much and she needs to stop for about 7 whole hours. So we are going to Hogsmeade, well I will meet her and Harry there after I help Lavender pick out her cat. Oh yeah, bloody me, I forgot...Lavender is my girlfriend.


My first girlfriend. I really hope I dont mess this up. She really is neat.

End Private

I better get to bed. Ive got potions tomorrow. Ugh. With the Slytherins too...We are gonna get it tomorrow.


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06:55pm 22/03/2004
  Just a few things to say.

Word travels fast at Hogwarts.

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Its desided, I can sleep   
11:13pm 21/03/2004
mood: happy

Tonight we bloody interesting! I went to the quidditch pitch a bit early to get a little flying in before meeting Lavender. When she arrived we started off with a bit of the usual. She got the quaffle in on the second try! I gave her some advice, "Pretend its Malfoy." She desided to pretend it was Pansy instead. Well I accidently opened the box with the snitch in it and it got loose...so we lost it.


We kinda lost the Snitch rather then me letting it loose by accident. I let it go and we were ready, but it just...was to fast I guess!

End Private

Then we couldnt find it so we both went to find Harry. Harry came outside with us and caught it for us. Saved my arse, really. Ha, So Harry stayed out for a bit while me and Lavender talked about things and then he went inside and we were alone again. 

I told her that I ...uh...Liked her and BLOODY HELL She said she liked me back! So I was nervous as hell and did something i didnt think i would have done. I dont know why i did it, I thought she would have slapped me...But she didnt. And I liked it.


I kissed her! And she kissed me back!! Bloody hell, It was wicked!

End Private

I gotta tell Harry, But hes sleeping right now. Erm, I have Transfiguration tomorrow so Im going to go up to my Dormitory now.


Bloody Hell...What a Night!</p>

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Chocolate Frogs!   
11:01pm 17/03/2004
mood: confused
Well, the past few days have been a bit eventfull. I was in the common room one night TRYING to do Snapes dreadful potions homework when Lavender came downstairs. I was sitting by the fire side and she came over to talk to me. She had homework to do also or something. Anyway, we talked and Im gonna take her out to the quidditch field sometime and teach her a few moves! She likes the Chuds too...I think thats wicked!

I had a weird feeling talking to Lavender the other night. Kind of like a nervous feeling you get right before a quidditch match...but I wasnt scared. I dont know, Im a bit confused about the whole thing...
End Private

Havent really seen Hermione much. Shes always rushing off to the library or stuck doing homework. I cant wait for a Hogsmeade weekend, that way Harry, Hermione and I can have time to take a break and drink some Butterbeer!!! I Cannot Wait!

Played a game of chess with Harry. Talked a bit about that ruddy Malfoy and my sister. I cant wait to start up quidditch practices! The first time Harry and I will be on the same team! Last year i was on the Gryffindor team that wench Umbridge kicked Harry off! My brother also!

Its getting a bit late...I just thought id write before I head up to the Dormitory. Double potions tomorrow!!!! What a wonderful day tomorrow will be...At least we have Care of Magical Creatures with Hagrid also!

Look what Hermione had time to show me!!!

Chudley Cannons All The Way!

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07:01pm 14/03/2004
mood: annoyed

Well today was somewhat eventful. I saw Ginny today on my way to see Hagrid. Told her she better not see Draco...and for SOME reason she got mad at me. Draco's nothing but a sleeze ball. Why does he want to have a private study session with MY sister? No way! Over my dead body. Just had a little talk with Hagrid, Hermione, and Harry today, nothing really important. Harry's really handling things well I supposed. Hermione and I just choose not to bring it up. Lavender likes the Chudley Cannons! I was shocked! It was wicked to find that out. So...yeah. I have loads of homework, and I was really trying not to do it. So i was asking everyone if they wanted to play wizards chess...but everyone was already TOO busy with there own work. Today, I have potions and arithmacy homwork. I absolutly HATE potions. Hermione and Harry are thinking about starting up the DA again. Now that everyone believes him, truely believes him that vo-, that he-who-must-not-be-named is back. I must be getting started on my homework before Hermione gets back from the library or im gonna hear it.

~To Late...



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Muggle Studies   
08:24pm 03/03/2004
mood: hungry

Dad'll definatly get a kick out of this thing. I think its called a contuter. Odd sort of contraption. In my muggle studies class everyone was assigned with these contuters. We have to keep a journal about our lives and such. Back at school if you didnt notice. IT WAS GREAT to See Harry And Hermione again! 6 years at Hogwarts... Can you believe it? Next year will be the last im afraid. Im a prefect again this year! That HORRIBLE Proffessor Umbridge is GONE Thank goodness, along with Dumbledore returning to the school. Never did find out where he went though. Dads working extra hard at the Ministry nowadays and mum hates it. Shes always a nervous wreck. Expecially with what happened with Percy. That little TWIT. Fred and George are getting loads of money in... almost ready to start that Joke shop of theres. You-Know-Who is back so you know everyones had the hairs on the back of there necks up all summer. I know i did. Horrible what happened. Harry seems to be okay...Poor Sirius. Hermione has showed me LOADs of stuff on this contuter, And bloody hell! ITS got tons of stuff about the CHUDLEY CANNONS! I think im going to do alright with this Contuter thing!


Gotta go meet Hermione and Harry in the Great hall for dinner now! Goodnight!


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